What I can help with

Many businesses think of content as some kind of add-on to their marketing. But your content – the topics you choose, the way you sound, the formats you use, and the way you engage with your audience – isn’t separate from your brand. It embodies and expresses it.

So if you want to build a content brand that represents who you are as a business, I can help. Here’s what I do:

Strategic positioning

I build a unique proposition for your business, based on a thorough investigation of your company, your product, your market, and your audience. The B2B tech sector is my sweet spot.

Marketing strategy and messaging

I define your key messages, a hierarchy, and an interesting angle for them.

Content planning

I build editorial calendars and content campaign plans: messaging, hero pieces, formats, blog calendars, nurture flows. For ABM, too.

Creative briefs

I translate abstract marketing strategy into exciting and concise creative briefs for the folks that create your campaigns – your copywriters, designers, animators, developers. 


Mostly for long-form content such as blogs, ebooks, websites, etc. Head over to the Portfolio section for some examples of relevant, creative copy that gets read.

Tone of voice development

I’ll work with you and your team to you find your brand voice and help you apply it across all your materials, channels, and initiatives.


I can help your team become better at creating content. I tailor bespoke sessions, for instance on:

  • Content marketing – why it works, how to do it well, and how to get started
  • Copywriting basics for marketers and sales people – help your people become more confident writers and better editors
  • Personas – learn the skills to gather audience insight and build useful target personas
  • Blogging – overcome the dreaded blinking cursor and get writing for your business
  • ABM – an intro to building ABM content that hits the spot with your target audience.

Planning and pitch work (for agencies)

I help marketing agencies with planning and strategy for B2B clients. I also work with them on pitches, and help them audit and QA content and copy.

What I don’t do

As you can tell from this website, I’m not a designer. I can’t draw, sketch, or design anything – but I have worked with print and digital designers throughout my career. And I’m happy to brief and bounce around ideas with yours.

I’m also not a growth marketer or marketing automation specialist, but I’ve worked with some of the best. I’m eager to align with the person who runs your systems so we can get our goals and KPIs straight.


Things I made my clients say about me

“Working with Irene makes you brave. She brings curiosity and energy into the room, asking all the tough questions you need to find the right messages, tone, and touchpoints for your audience. Not many freelancers care about hit-the-spot, standout content as much as Irene does. Her confidence isn’t the kind that comes out of nowhere […]

Ros Gray, former Head of Content at Earnest

“Irene has a flaw. It’s not her strategic planning capabilities, the opposite is the case, she has a brilliant mind and she finds angles which make her approaches special, it’s also not her writing capabilities – she is the only copywriter I know who writes equally expressive and distinct in English and German. Her flaw […]

Andreas Bernhard, Managing Director, TMP Munich

“Irene tackles complex marketing problems with a forensic approach, then turns them into elegant strategies that translate into distinctive, award-grade creative. A great pitcher, a great campaign strategist, and above all a great person to have on your side.”

Jason Talbot, MD at The Crocodile

Ready to talk about content?