Some of my work

The big bummer in doing B2B marketing strategy for a living is that you’re not allowed to show any of it.

If I want to stay in business, I better honour those NDAs I’ve signed.

What I can show you, though, is some copywriting work that’s published and out in the world. But that’s just the visible tip of the iceberg. For most of the examples below I’ve worked on brand or product positioning (it’s the bedrock of confident content. And it’s the bulk of what I do.), in-depth messaging plans and hierarchies, content plans, and done research and subject matter expert interviews before writing any of them. All of which is necessary to really understand the industry-specific issues that stand a chance to make prospects listen up.

B2B tech gets super-nichy, so it’s unlikely that you’re the target audience for any of these – the campaigns and pieces might need a bit of context to make sense to you. So if you’ve got any questions, or would like to discuss a specific B2B positioning, comms or creative challenge: scroll down to the bottom of the page and drop me a line.

Brandworkz content campaign

An ebook for Brandworkz, whose software helps brand-focused businesses use their creative assets consistently, stay in control of how their teams use them – and save a ton of time, resources, and sweat while they’re at it.

This ebook is part of a content campaign designed to attract brand managers who are spending all their precious time responding to ad hoc requests – instead of driving their brand forward (download it here if that’s your thang).

I developed messaging, structure and tone of voice in close collaboration with the team at Brandworkz. Then wrote the bugger.

LeasePlan – The New Green

This piece, written for LeasePlan’s “EVs for businesses” offer, is quite a few years old now, but I still like it. I love how writing for Slideshares gives you the opportunity to take your reader by the hand, tell your story in little bites, and hopefully entertain them while you’re at it. Big shout out to Mel Bartheidel‘s mad design skills.

Xerox Transportation

Before Xerox became Conduent, they hired my then-employer, Velocity, to help with a huge website U-turn: from a product-centric one (basically a series of data sheets) to an issue-driven content hub. The result: a huge content campaign about how efficiency and optimisation initiatives aren’t just good for business – but create better outcomes for governments, patients, employees, and citizens, too. I loved working on their transportation line of business – which meant creating content that was all about improving our cities.

I was involved from end to end: research, messaging, planning and content playbooks, subject matter interviews, copy.

MS Dynamics verticals campaign

A series of ebooks – and shorter awareness-driving pieces – designed to show how Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 suite can change the game for a few industries that are hungry for fresh tech: healthcare, law, manufacturing, HR, and retail.

I did the industry research, worked on messaging, and structuring the pieces, and wrote the copy.

KCP – Aerospace maintenance

In case you didn’t know: Kimberly Clark Professional doesn’t make loo roll. They make a ton of highly specific safety and application equipment for industrial manufacturing. This video – for which I wrote the script – was part of a bigger campaign around safer, more efficient, and more worker-friendly practices in aerospace manufacturing and maintenance (try saying that three times fast).

The other assets were an ebook on solvent waste, a scrolling site, and an infographic on improvement opportunities (I can’t find any of them online anymore, so you’re just gonna have to take my word for it).

Informatica – Product Information Management

These are a few examples from a multi-year content campaign for Informatica’s PIM solutions, which are part of their wider Master Data Management offer. It included videos, blog posts, infographics, email nurture flows, ebooks – the works. As with most of my projects, I was involved in positioning, campaign planning, subject matter research, creative idea generation, and of course, copywriting.

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