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Grammar, shmammar.

I haven’t got round to posting much lately. I’ve been pretty busy! But I’ve recorded a podcast with David McGuire from Radix where I tell him why I think grammar sticklers should do one. Listen here.

A blast from the past

Some really old native advertising tells me that it’s always been a clunky format. On the upside, good copy goes a long way.

4 types of B2B agency

I’ve worked agency-side most of my career. As a full-timer, and over the past couple of years, as a freelancer, too. I’ve seen loads of agencies from the inside. Every one is different, of course. But if you look a bit more closely, a pattern emerges. Here are some types of B2B agencies I’ve come across.

My SMB lightbulb moment

I’ve just finished a B2B positioning and content strategy project with a great client. Their SaaS product is pretty cool: it helps small and medium-sized manufacturers digitally track their production and collect data on everything they do. While I was working on it, I realised a very basic thing. So basic, in fact, that it looks incredibly dumb when I write it down. But it ended up being one of the key insights for our messaging.


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