About me

Excuse the blurry selfie. But my work is mostly digital. It’s rare that I get to see a campaign of mine printed, and all over the tube. Hence the insane grin.

Hi, my name is Irene Triendl and I do marketing strategy for B2B tech companies.

Before setting up shop on my own, I spent my entire career agency-side (mostly B2B with some B2C thrown in early on). I’ve always done writing and strategy, with a few stints in account management, too. (But I don’t recommend you hire me in that capacity).

B2B content marketing is my sweet spot, with B2B tech being the juiciest of the sweet bits. I learned a lot of what I know from the folks at B2B content agency Velocity. Have look at their blog for some sharp and tangy content marketing knowledge. But first, promise to come back here when you’re done.

I work with startups, agencies, and big + little tech

I’ve done work for some of the usual big guys – Microsoft, Salesforce, Xerox, AWS, Oracle, etc – and have created content for tons of much smaller tech startups that you probably haven’t heard of.

To be honest, I enjoy working for the smaller companies more. There’s more urgency, less hierarchy, and more freedom. You can make a bigger impact, and on the whole it tends to be much more enjoyable than creating yet another ebook for Microsoft. (But obviously, I wouldn’t say no to a well-funded big-ass company handing me a beautiful project.)

I love B2B strategy because it’s hard. You can’t take shortcuts when trying to woo a seasoned B2B buyer who’s got a keen bullshit detector. There’s a crucial phase during strategy work, where you’ve done all your research, gathered all the knowledge, and you still haven’t cracked it. And you mull things over and think about them all the time, even before you go to sleep. But when you finally do crack it, stories and messages start to fall into place. And when you get that bit right, it’s the most rewarding thing there is.

Outside of work, I love contemporary art, cooking, cycling, cheese and cinemas. (Fiction, too, but it doesn’t start with a C, so it had to go.)

I speak and work in English and German. Ja, echt.

To learn more…

…You can listen to me speak about content strategy on Radix Communication’s Good Copy, Bad Copy podcast…

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…or you could, of course, always email me.