Grammar, shmammar.

The podcast where I tell the grammar police to do one.

Are you even a copywriter if you don’t faff about all morning only to have to work late to deliver what you promised? If you don’t find typos all over your piece the minute after you hit send? And if your clients don’t regularly point to some bit of your copy being ‘ungrammatical’?

David McGuire – who runs the lovely clutter of copywriters that is Radix Communications – has asked the very smart brand poet Rishi Dastidar to discuss the importance of grammar in B2B copy. And then I say some stuff too because I’m co-hosting.

Listen here if you like that sort of thing. (I won’t because I hate the sound of my own voice. Also, I’ve been told I sound Northern. Don’t tell my Bavarian relatives).

Huge thanks to David for inviting me. I had a blast. Pint on me next time you’re in London. Or Bavaria.

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